My portfolio is a series of design templates, visual design, writing, along with video and radio pieces. My passion does lie in fashion but I range and touch on multiple subjects. Be sure to click on the images to either enlarge the selected project, learn more about it, or to read it.





This is a introductory video used to present my UX/UI design of my wireframed What’s Your Style? app.

Do you want to become a ‘sneakerhead’?

Becoming a sneakerhead means purchasing and promoting all things ‘sneaker’. From Nikes to Balenciagas and everything in between. Become a sneakerhead by ‘virtually’ trying on the top 10 sneakers noted by this community in 2018! Take a image when you have found your perfect match and be posted to your #BECOME A SNEAKERHEAD wall. Also, walk away with a small memento about the shoe and where you can purchase these gems.

Are you not a ‘sneakerhead’ and confused as to what this trend is?

It happens. But jump on this trend to learn more about the sneaker community. Learn about the art, design, history, and passion behind what goes into those sneakers you are wearing on your feet and the community of sneakerheads. Come and experience our installation to get the appeal of what a small part of the SNEAKERHEAD community is.

The performances during 10 at 10 features 10 hip hop artists performing for 10 mins, and showcases additional dancers and dance groups. Johnson started his event 10 at 10 in 2012. The event is for anyone to come, encourage and be a part of the hip-hop culture. 10 at 10 invites anyone interested in African dancing and doing the Whip Nae Nae, rapping and free styling. 

Erin Rees and Sam Peck are the sole contributors of the fashion Instagram page @yychic. Their business started in May 2015, when they started posting their fashion and all things girly images.  Rees styled two models in this video for the Calgary Journal to show University students what to wear on a first date. 


For this project I would like to cover the DVF (Diane von Furstenberg, a famous fashion designer) Holiday collection preview at Holt Renfrew. It is an informal fashion presentation with also a small cocktail party at the end of the presentation. The presentation is about the new collection of Holiday clothing Diane von Furstenberg has designed.  She comes up with new Holiday collections every year. 

Lauren Larsen decided to take control and within a year turned her own hobby and passion into a successful business, Ensemble Style, which specializes in personalized styling for men. "With Ensemble I offer my clients personal shopping and styling services," said Larsen. She feels that all of her clients have the ability to look great, and she just provides them with the tools to do so.